OPPO Releases TVC to Celebrate its Association with Spider-Man

Peter Parker’s life changes when he’s bitten by a spider, turning an ordinary high-school going teenager into Spider-Man. When the public starts getting curious about the masked crime fighter in his blue and red costume, Peter sees an opportunity and starts taking his own photographs and sells them to The Daily Bugle, the fictional newspaper, to make money as a freelance journalist. OPPO Releases TVC to Celebrate its Association with Spider-Man.

Although the comics or the movies never show how Peter manages to click his photos with the old cameras of yesteryears (After all Spider-Man’s been our hero for 50+ years) we’re sure Spidey had a few tricks up his spandex sleeves and knew how to take selfies long before the term ‘selfie’ itself was invented. He’s not a superhero for nothing!

OPPO Releases TVC to Celebrate its Association with Spider-Man


But for us common folk, thankfully, we have OPPO smartphones to help us take superior quality selfies we can proudly share with the world.

For the last ten years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing top-quality camera phones using innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs. OPPO was the first brand to launch smartphones with 16MP front cameras.  And it was also the first brand to introduce the motorized rotating camera, the Ultra HD feature and the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology.

The web-clinging, building-swinging, superhero needs a gadget that is good at taking photos from all sorts of angels, light variations and all kinds of situations. The newly launched OPPO F3, the Dual Selfie camera phone caters to the audience’s need of wider and better selfies. With Double View Group Selfie Camera and powerful specs, the OPPO F3 can help you click perfect selfies in one go. With such amazing technology even our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man would be impressed with F3 phone and its photo taking capabilities.

Check out OPPO’s new TVC showcasing the F3 phone.

OPPO established an association with Sony & Marvel to release the highly-anticipated SpiderMan: Home Coming, which is screening in local theaters from 7 July, 2017.  The Sony-Marvel superhero movie is flying to a $120 million opening, surpassing even the most optimistic industry expectations. The sixth Spider-Man film in just over 15 years ended its opening weekend as Sony’s second-highest opening of all time. That makes “Homecoming” also the second-highest opening for a “Spider-Man” movie.

Along with the release of the movie, OPPO is running an online campaign, starting from 6 July, 2017 till 15 July, 2017. Consumers are invited to share the new TVC on Facebook with hashtags #OPPOxSpiderMan and #OPPOF3, the lucky winners will stand a chance to win free tickets of the movie!

This is OPPO’s second association with Marvel movies in the last one year. Last October, OPPO associated with Marvel’s Dr. Strange and held a special screening for the movie.

OPPO is dedicated to delivering customers with the most extraordinary experience through innovative technology, meticulous design and camera expertise. OPPO first launched selfie-focused smartphones in 2015 – Selfie Expert F series in Pakistan. Its first batch of products received a warm welcome and the brand leads the trend in the industry.

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