OPPO Neo 7 to Launch Soon in Pakistan with Price of 19,999 Rs Only

The OPPO Neo 7, a new successor to the popular mirror-backed Neo 5, is set to dazzle consumers in Pakistan soon. The Neo 7 will carry forward the unique design feature that set apart the Neo 5, a sleek and reflective rear surface, while adding a wide range of performance upgrades and an attractive streamlined arc edge. The Neo 7’s generously proportioned 5-inch screen, improved front camera and 16GB ROM, along with its powerful battery, 4G LTE enabled, make it a heavy hitter in the price range below Rs 20,000.


Shining mirror surface, streamlined arc design

Inspired by Chinese bronze mirrors, the designer strove to incorporate an ancient aesthetic into the Neo 7’s state-of-the-art technology. The OPPO Neo 7’s mirror surface is removable and uses industry-leading optical coating technology and fiber glass materials. The back is made with 13 layers of coating refined through a series of 40 processes to increase strength, giving the surface an impressive thinness of only 0.56 mm. Special laminating processes make the Neo 7’s back look smooth and clear, and cause it to reflect light like a mirror. Users can choose between two color options, white and black.


Streamlined-arc Frame Makes for a Perfect One-handed Use Experience

The eye-catching frame comes with two colors, golden and silver, adding a sense of modernness to the mirror surface. Its flowing edges together with the 5.0-inch screen give the phone a shape that conforms comfortably to the palm. A high-strength magnesium-aluminum alloy is used in the Neo 7’s interior. This high quality alloy allows the phone to maintain an attractively light weight, all the while providing impressive durability and superb heat dissipation.

OPPO Neo 7 to Launch Soon in Pakistan with Price of 19,999 Rs Only


Improved camera performance to enjoy life on the go


The Upgraded Beautify 3.0 and HD Selfies

The OPPO Neo 7 uses an 8-megapixel back-illuminated sensor with a photosensitive area of up to 1/4 inch, a wide f/2.0 aperture, and lets you create stunning images in all conditions.An upgraded 5-megapixel front camera with high light-sensitivity and frame rate effectively reduces noise to take clear pictures and videos. Equipped with the Pure Image 2.0+ imaging platform, the new device contains a wide range of plug-ins for customized camera functionality.

Further settings its camera apart, the phone has alight-senstive sensor that can adjust the screen brightness perfectly to a user’s face, and the screen itself can be converted into a flash to brighten selfies in low light.There are 11 filters and 3 beautify modes available, and the Neo 7 can easily edit images without downloading additional apps. Special functions like Double Exposure, which allows users to take two separate photos and overlap them to create a single image, result in unique and fun photographs.

As a special addition to the 4G edition, Ultra HD shoots six photos consecutively and combines the best parts of each to a create a 24-megapixel ultra HD image, which has four times the clarity of ordinary photos.The Colorful Night Mode uses a smart multi-frame optimization and synthesis algorithm to effectively remove noise and improve brightness and clarity. This mode can bring out the true colors of the gorgeous night.

Powerful specs give it an edge

The OPPO Neo 7 uses a Quad-core CPU, which brings users an extraordinarily smooth gaming experience. The Neo 7 sports 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Meanwhile, its 2420 mAh battery capacity satisfies the demand of cruising for a whole day. Neo 7 is configured with two SIM card slots to make switching between business and private use easy. The independent microSD card slot supports memory expansion of up to 32 GB for 3G versions, and up to 128GB for 4G versions.

The Neo 7 uses OPPO’s in-house ColorOS 2.1, based on Andriod 5.1. It has been thoroughly upgraded, with smoother performance, optimized power use, and a host of new features, including Floating Window, a feature that will allow users to chat with their friends while they watch a video in the background.


Dirac Effect Gives Pure Audio Enjoyment

Along with the powerful specs and upgraded ColorOS 2.1, the Neo 7 also offers endless possibilities in entertainment.The new Locksreen Magazine feature will automatically update lock screen photos once a week with more than 20 beautiful photos curated by OPPO, so that every time you switch your phone on, you’ll be introduced to a new surprise. The Neo 7 also inherits the excellent sound performance of OPPO devices. The Dirac Sound achieves superb effects through a unique adjustment of the phase of the sound signal and frequency amplitude.

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