OPPO Reveals ColorOS 6.0

Oppo has announced the next instalment of its launcher called ColorOS 6.0 during a special event in Shenzhen, When the company was celebrating the fifth anniversary of ColorOS. The company also said that ColorOS is installed on more than 250 million devices in over 140 countries and regions.

According to Oppo, this new  OS is based on a light colour scheme. The colours gravitate towards white from the top to the bottom in an image shared by the company. The light colour scheme is mixing a white backdrop with light colour gradients. The choice of white is meant to create an airy atmosphere.

OPPO Announces ColorOS 6.0

ColorOS 6.0 is designed with bezeless phones basically but it will also work on older Oppo devices. However, Oppo has not shared the list of supported phones officially yet. ColorOS 6.0 also comes with a new Chinese text font called OPPO Sans.

Performance wise there are also some improvements. According to the Oppo,  a new feature called AI application quick freeze prevents apps from shutting down in the background. The AI application quick freeze will analyze your app activity for 2 weeks to learn your habits. ColorOS 6.0 will begin rolling out to devices next year but not clear which devices will be getting it first.

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