Oppo to Launch Foldable Smartphone with Dual Camera

Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X concept is in news, but Samsung is not the only company to launch devices with foldable screens that can switch between phone and tablet modes with ease. ZTE has already revealed such a concept. Oppo to Launch Foldable Smartphone with Dual Camera .

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Recent patent of Oppo reveals that Oppo is about to launch a folding smartphone which will open up like a tablet. The folding device of Oppo will have a hinge however the front will be a single display. Many other smartphone companies are working on foldable smartphones and now Oppo is also one of them.

Oppo to Launch Foldable Smartphone with Dual Camera

The patent of foldable Oppo smartphone was picked up by China Mobile and it would be a perfect choice for those who want to buy folding smartphone which is cost effective. The patent shows that the devices is looks like a normal smartphone without a bezel on one side. It somehow resemble a thin tablet.

It is rumored that foldable Oppo device will be used with front and rear displays. Oppo should incorporate the most excellent camera that can act as both front or back- depends on how the device is held.

Tough it isn’t necessary that the patent is true however it is conformed that Oppo is working on foldable device with Samsung, LG and Apple.

We are not sure that whether Oppo will manufacture the same device as mentioned in patent or not but it is a good news for Oppo lovers that we are finally about to see it soon.

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