Top 3 Ways To Earn Through Blockchain In Pakistan

Opportunities Blockchain Provides In Pakistan

Blockchain has been around the corner for a while now. And thus, it is getting all the attention it deserves. Let us get into what new opportunities do blockchain brings in Pakistan, and have a look at the Top 3 Ways To Earn Through Blockchain Technology In Pakistan.

Top 3 Ways To Earn Through Blockchain In Pakistan

Here is All You Need To Know About Blockchain Technology

Top 3 Ways To Earn Through Blockchain In Pakistan

1. Blockchain Developer:

As Pakistan, like most of the world, is in the process of shifting towards blockchain. So, the demand for blockchain developers is very high right now. Especially, the mega corporates, banks, and even government organizations are hunting for them. Now here is what you need to in order to become a blockchain developer:

1.Get Yourself Trained:

There are a number of online and onsite programs in which you can enrol yourself in order to get trained. The President of Pakistan, Dr.Arif Alvi, recently initiated ‘The Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing’(PIAIC) program. The program aims to provide technological training online and onsite with a minimal fee of Rs.500 to 1000. And has Blockchain Technology as one of its main course. 

2. Hunt For Opportunities:

Once you become a trained professional (which is indeed a tough job), things will flow smoothly. As there are not much Blockchain developers available so, the demand is high and thus the opportunities are uncountable. The job is not only to develop alone but to continue maintaining it. This makes it a highly prestigious and heavily paid job.

2.Data Analyst:

As in the traditional business setup. Being a data analyst was one profitable business to be in. And with the blockchain providing all the business transparency it will be easier and yet even more essential to read the market trends. Being a data analyst or a tech blogger in regards to the blockchain technology will prove to be highly fruitful. Companies may require data analysts to analyse the transactional record of their competitors in order to maintain a progress record or to know their position in the market in order to improve it.

All you have to do is to keep an eye on the required data, as blockchain allows open access to anyone and everyone on the internet and check on the market trends, and investing in what will prove to be the most profitable and what will be a failed investment etc.

3. Teaching Blockchain Developing

If you are a trained professional, then along with a full-time job as a blockchain developer, you can teach blockchain developing as the high demand of the subject requires a lot of trained and practising professionals to teach it.

Moreover, you can adopt it as a full-time job. As the government realizes the importance of this technology to Pakistan, you can become a part of the PIAIC program and be one of the faculty members. Or can initiate such a program yourself, offering it as an academic course. Either way, it will prove to be highly beneficial.


Hope you find this article helpful. Let us know if you have any further ideas related to opportunities provided by blockchain technology in Pakistan.

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