Our 6 Most Favourite Camera Features of vivo V21e

Perfect slow-motion video and sharp, clear photos — are indispensable features that most content creators, professionals, or amateurs, prefer to have in their cameras. Most people believe that high-quality images can only be captured with a DSLR and often discredit phone photography in this regard. vivo’s V21e aims to narrow this gap and deliver a professional-grade photography experience to users, providing them with endless imaging possibilities with its superior camera. Both front and rear cameras can capture 4K quality images and videos and are equipped with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), which brings in greater stabilization through software algorithms without the need for additional hardware and saves space. This feature can significantly improve video quality for handheld shots, making it an absolute joy to explore and create more!

Here are the 6 main features that enable the V21e camera to capture lifelike and mesmerizing photos and videos at any point in time:

Our 6 Most Favourite Camera Features of vivo V21e

Front Camera:

44MP Eye Autofocus

Does capturing birds in the sky or making a video while you are on the move seem impossible with a phone camera? Not anymore! vivo’s newly launched V21e is devised for new-age content creators, vloggers, selfie enthusiasts, and gamers. vivo has equipped the V21e with a 44MP Eye Auto Focus camera that prevents blurriness in pictures and videos caused due to accidental shakes or when the subject is in motion.

The AF lens module automatically adjusts the focus distance, with the human eye focusing algorithm keeping a continuous, fast, and clear focus on the subject’s eyes in real time. The V21e front camera comes with an f/2.0 aperture, which allows greater light exposure even in environments where lighting is limited. The aperture is a pathway for light through the camera lens, and a wider pathway helps in capturing contrasting shots.

Dual-View Video

Dual-View Video is another important camera feature that the V21e offers to new-age users who like to create content and record important moments of their lives. The feature has the ability to use front and rear cameras to record videos at the same time and provide different visual and real-life experiences through videos.

4K Selfie Video on the front camera

4K quality can be implied for both camera recording and playback capability when we talk about the gadgets. It has become a common feature in smartphones these days, but it is still rare to find a smartphone camera setup that can capture 4K quality on the front camera.

The V21e is highly capable of doing so! The 4K Selfie Video, together with EIS, helps users create high-quality videos with utmost convenience. Combined with features like Super Night Selfie and AI Night Portrait, the camera can significantly extend the exposure time in night scenes, thus increasing the amount of light intake for clearer portrait shots.

Rear Camera:

64MP Night Camera

The 64MP Night camera on the V21e provides outstanding image quality with the support of two secondary cameras, an 8MP wide-angle camera, and a 2MP macro camera to handle a mix of different and more complex shots. It is a perfect match to get professional-grade photography and videography capabilities in a stylish body to elevate the performance and outlook.

Super Night Mode

Super Night mode in the rear camera offers multi-level exposure and multiple high-quality image frames, which greatly enhance the brightness and details of night scenes. This advanced feature has been strategically induced in V21e to ensure clearer and bring shots even in dark surroundings.

Ultra Stable Video

The impressive 64MP Night camera provides an outstanding video shooting experience using the Ultra Stable Video feature. The Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology stabilizes the video frames and puts a staunch focus on the subject while minimizing the shakes and camera movement during handheld shots. EIS significantly improves the video quality and helps to achieve steady and sharp clips. This advanced video shooting feature unleashes the best of the device and delivers a stable, efficient, and smooth videography experience.

Final verdict

These are our favourite six camera features in vivo V21e. However, it entails much more than just these camera features. It is packaged in a 7.38mm AG design and comes in two breath-taking colours: Diamond Flare and Roman Black. Keeping in mind all these astonishing features at the price of PKR 45,999 only, we highly recommend Vivo V21e to all photography enthusiasts out there.

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