Our Next Step is to Replace Debit Cards in Pakistan with Mobile Payments: Fawad Chaudhry

Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Science and Technolgy announced that the ministry is ready to face challenges and the next challenge for them is to replace debit cards with mobile payments. This news was announced just after the launch of much-promised moon sighting app and lunar calendar.

The tweet reads as:

“For the growth of technology, the ease of making online transactions is essential and in a few months, all payments ranging from purchasing a bus ticket to buying a car will take place through mobile payments,”

This would be a very good initiative as Pakistan is lagging behind while other developed countries have already adopted mobile payment systems leaving behind debit cards. Moreover, our people are less adaptive to new technologies, so it’s not just launching a new system for it instead it will take them to change the whole mindset of people through different campaigns.

Fawad Chaudhry wants to end debit cards in Pakistan

Many other departments like PTCL are also trying to promote the paperless environment and shift to the e-billing system. It will take time for sure, but one we are done with debit cards, and shift to mobile payments, our lives will get easier.

Moreover, Pakistan’s First Moon Sighting Website as promised by Fawad Chaudhary is Official, Eid on June 5 according to it.

Fizza Atique

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