Outgoing Cellular Traffic Increased to 393.5 billion Minutes During 2014-15: PTA

As per recent figures issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in terms of voice traffic, overall outgoing national cellular traffic augmented to 393.5 billion minutes during year 2014-15 as compared to 345.7 billion minutes during same period last year.

Outgoing Cellular Traffic Increased to 393.5 billion Minutes During 2014-15: PTA

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The regular outgoing minutes used by cellular users each month have amplified by 19.2% from 219 minutes in 2013-14 to 261 minutes in 2014-15. There has been a significant upsurge in cellular to cellular traffic as operators carry on to offer more minutes per rupee due to rivalry and peril from Over the Top (OTT) services.

The year 2014-15 also witnessed the maximum number of SMS messages exchanged in history of Pakistani telecom industry. In terms of SMS figures, a total of 393 billion SMS were exchanged during 2014-15, as compared to 301.7 billion SMS during same period last year, presenting a hollering 30.3% increase. Average message sent by each user per month during 2014-15 also amplified to 187, up from 180 average SMS per user every month during 2013-14.

The Authority revealed on Monday that the mobile phone companies, after introduction of 3G/4G services, are endeavoring hard to win customers from each other by proposing eye-catching packages of voice and SMS including free calls even off-net and indefinite SMS bundles to their customers. The availability of high-speed data on mobile networks has facilitated the smooth endowment of voice and SMS services through OTT channels. Still a large area of population needs to be covered by 3G and 4G LTE networks.

Furthermore, penetration of smartphones in Pakistan market is still vaulting about 15-18% , leaving a good sum of customers to recourse to cellular voice and SMS services for their communication requirements. Telecom companies continue encouraging customers by proposing exceptionally low-priced voice packages, personalized for different sections of the society to keep their voice traffic and corresponding revenues at equivalence.

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