OUYA: A new game console for smartphones & tablets

OUYA: A new game console for smartphones & tablets

OUYA is a new game console of new generation that promises to offer the finest and economical gaming on a high-resolution screen. Ouya is said to be an affordable console – it costs only $99.

OUYA is a small device powered by Google’s Android OS that is designed for smartphones and tablets. There are just about 180 games available in Ouya’s online store and there is a free version of every game in store. More than 16,000 registered developers are building the next “must have” games for OUYA;
[notice]Some of the top most games in Ouya store are:[/notice]


[blockquote cite=”CEO Julie Uhrman “] We are definitely disrupting the console market, I mean, there’s been no startup that has had a meaningful impact on the market in decades, and we’re the first. We offer something different
[/blockquote] [blockquote cite=”GSMARENA”] The OUYA is a first of its kind device that runs on NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


[notice]About Ouya:
OUYA is a $99 console that runs an Android operating system used in smartphones and tablets, there are nearly 180 games are available through Ouya’s online store.

Initially available only to people who made donations through Kickstarter, Ouya is now sold through Ouya’s website as well as Amazon.com, Target, Best Buy and GameStop.[/notice]

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