PAC Untimely Objections & Inquires Waste PTA’s Precious Time

Unfortunately, few things in Pakistan are not noticed by the Government on the right moment and its delayed actions hamper the progress of the country. One such example includes the PAC’s recent inquiry of misuse of resources by the PTA officials way back in 2001. While no one did anything to notice or take stock of misdoings in 2001 but now after 15 years but suddenly the Government woken up to not focus on the current or future happening but is showing interest in racking up the old wounds. This has only resulted in wasting time of our otherwise over burdened state institutions.

PAC Untimely Objections & Inquires Waste PTA’s Precious Time

The other day PTA Chairman, Dr. Ismail Shah while answering questions highlighted the fact during the briefing held in the National Assembly’s Standing Committee regarding the merger of two cellular companies. He stated that PTA can perform much better but unfortunately it is engulfed by many irrelevant and time consuming matters; which is highly impacting its performance. Regarding the unimportant and untimely inquiry of PAC, Mr. Shah said:

“We want to do more, but our time is taken up by PAC and inquiries. For example, we have nothing to do with the audit objections of 2001, but we spend most of our time in replying to audit objections at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and in various inquiries; which wastes our time.”

Mr. Nadeem Hassan Asif, the Secretary of Cabinet Division also agreed with the Chairman and said that:

“Those who were involved in questionable matters in the past are no longer part of the PTA and the current management is not responsible for what happened in the past.”

Now the situation is simple, what’s the logic to conduct such inquiries when real culprits are no more the part of organization. It only indicates wastage of time and nothing else.

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