Pakistan Among Top Five Countries with Highest Number of TikTok Videos Removed Over Violations

About two weeks ago, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a ‘final warning’ to Tiktok over immoral content on the video platform. After which TikTok took action by using its moderation mechanisms to remove any potentially unethical content from its platform. The company also added that Pakistan is among the top five countries where the highest number of videos were removed over violations of its community guidelines or terms of service.

Pakistan Among Top Five Countries with Highest Number of TikTok Videos Removed Over Violations

In a statement, a spokesperson at TikTok said,

This demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to remove any potentially harmful or inappropriate content reported in Pakistan. The leading global platform for short videos, TikTok has grown increasingly popular in Pakistan by offering a space for fun and creative expression. While users enjoy creating content on TikTok, with it comes the responsibility to keep users safe on the platform.

In order to address the problem, the video-sharing platform said it has released an updated publication of its community guidelines in Urdu that will help maintain “a supportive and welcoming environment on TikTok for users in Pakistan”.

According to the statement, TikTok’s mechanisms automatically flag some types of videos that may violate its community guidelines or against its terms of services. But because technology today isn’t so exceptional that a platform can only rely on it to enforce its policies therefore the company employs a team of trained moderators to help review and remove content on its platform.

For instance, TikTok said underlying circumstances can be crucial when determining whether certain content, like satire, is violative.  One other way of determining is based on reports that it receives from its users.

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