Pakistan and India Hit by Spy Malware: Confirms Symantec Corporation

Pakistan and India hit by Spy Malware: Confirms Symantec Corporation. Symantec Corp, a digital security company said yesterday that it has identified a cyber spying campaign against Indian and Pakistan.

The company also highlighted that the cyber espionage against Pakistan and India dated back to Oct, 2016.

Pakistan and India hit by Spy Malware: Confirms Symantec Corporation

The cyber attacks campaign was not conducted by any individual rather by several groups in both countries. Whereas, the similarities in all cyber attacks indicated that attacker groups were operating with “similar goals or under the same sponsor”; the report stated.

Symantec said that:

“The government organizations and the military with interests in South Asia’s regional security would be at the most risk from this espionage attempt.”

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Another spokesman for Symantec also said that:

“The company does not comment publicly on the malware analysis, investigations and incident response services it provides clients.”

Whereas a spokesperson for the Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency denied the report’s statements and said that:

“It had not received any reports of malware incidents from government’s Information Technology departments.”

It is also important to note that end of 2016 and start of 2017 has remained a time when many countries got effected from cyber attacks. One huge cyber attack few months back has severely affected the NHS. Hence, it the right time that the governments must develop a safe and secure system to stop such digital attacks in the world.

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