Pakistan Moves to 97th Position in Global Information Technology Report

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report Pakistan has moved to 97th position in Global International Technology. As far as Pakistan’s position in Information and Communication Technology is concerned, there has been a fluctuation during last 4 years. In 2012-13 the position was between 102 to 105, in 2013-14 it was 105 to 111, and 111 to 97 in 2014-15.

Pakistan Moves to 97th Position in Global Information Technology Report. Pakistan got this position among 143 countries

The World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report has controlled such level of value that makes investors and decision makers to wait for its releases. It also shows about the country’s performing regarding technology like how good or bad a country is performing in terms of taking up new technology.

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It collects the data from 143 countries, and finds which country has developed more socially, economically and academically by adopting technology. It also measures which country meets the lifestyle requirements of its citizens.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has consequence for its sustained economic development and stable job generation, so that the new generation of the country is not left without chances as they get ready for job. ICT has also radicalized the business methodology, lessening operating costs and time, raising a company’s competitiveness level outside as well as inside the industry.

After evaluating business and innovation environment in Pakistan, the World Economic Forum has given the country a place at 97th among 143 countries.

Although it is a good and positive news for Pakistan as it generates opportunities for business. But still a lot to be done to make country a globally competitive destination for appealing investment.

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