Pakistan to Cross $6 billion in IT Exports by 2020: Anusha Rehman

Anusha Rehman, State Minister for Information Technology said that both the government and the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) are targeting to cross $6 billion in information technology exports by 2020.

Pakistan to Cross $6 billion in IT Exports by 2020: Anusha Rehman

She also said at “ITU-PTA Asia-Pacific Regulator’s Roundtable 2016” that Pakistanis will have complete broadband technology by the end of 2018. In this regard, the Minister informed the audience that Pakistan will have 5G Technology by 2020.

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While speaking to media after inaugural ceremony of the National Incubation Center the minister said that the aim of $6 billion of IT exports and IT empowered facilities will be attained by registering new companies and getting them recognized. Materializing new openings for tycoons and companies to develop new products and services for export purposes will also help achieve this goal.

“The National Incubation Center inaugurated in the federal capital alone is going to harbor and prepare 40 startups every year.”

Said Anusha Rehman.

The minister said that the PSEB augmented the documented IT exports by 49% since 2013. By merely rescheduling the processes, i.e., by registering more companies and counting their facts in the national IT export bill.

At present the IT exports of Pakistan stand at $2.8 billion, up from $1.4 billion noted in 2013.

Anusha said that when she joined the office in 2013, there were almost 300 companies registered with PSEB. But now the number has now increased to 1,100 with-in just two years. PSEB is articulating ways to make it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to get themselves registered with PSEB.

Anusha said that the innovative Incubation Center is going to be mutually run by Jazz and “Team Up”. It is an effort to boost the ecosystem in the country.

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