Pakistan Reaches 46.85 mn Broadband Subscribers in August 2017

Pakistan Reaches 46.85 mn Broadband Subscribers in August 2017. The telecom sector of Pakistan has undergone through huge transformations after the arrival of 3G and 4G services in the country. From the increase in mobile phone penetration to the launch of various m-Services; Pakistan’s telecom sector has become a success story for some regional countries who are left behind in technological race. This is also evident from the recent stats announced by the PTA.

Pakistan Reaches 46.85 mn Broadband Subscribers in August 2017

Now as per August, 2017 report of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the number of broadband subscriber reached a record figure of around 46,868,237 million.

Source: PTA

Lat month Pakistan has 44.50 million broadband subscribers. It is evident from PTA stats that Pakistan has witnessed growth of 1.3 percent in one month. Out of total 46.85 million subscribers, 44.49 million are mobile broadband subscribers. Around 565,709 internet users connected through EV-DO technology whereas DSL base reached 1.54 million subscribers at end-August

Almost 160,519 broadband  subscribers use Wimax connections, and there are HFC connected 51,065 internet subscribers. The FTTH internet base reached 51,097 users by the end of August.

We expect that these figures will further witness a boom in coming years.

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