Pakistani Budgeting App Becomes Popular By Reaching Half a Million Downloads

Hysab Kitab, a renowned fintech mobile application proudly announces to reach half a million
downloads, with users in about 160 countries. This solution provider application, that was rolled
out in mid of 2018 by Jaffar Business systems has made it very convenient to trace and log the
finances of their day.

In this way, the app has shown to achieve its position as a fintech player in
the market as it has become a global product now. The main and basic focus of the app is to
enhance the user experience but the objective of the team at Hysab Kitab is to modify it to suit
the requirement of the Pakistani market.

Pakistani Budgeting App Becomes Popular By Reaching Half a Million Downloads

Since Pakistan’s economy is running on physical cash transactions, the app thus is designed to
offer a 360-degree view on the financial handling of the user. This milestone achieved has given
evidence that such an app is a necessity of the modern world. It is a requirement of daily life
as many users have opted to download.

The developers of the app have the enthusiasm to enhance and establish the software for more usage and educating the market, especially in Pakistan. The app soon is intending to achieve a lot more milestones and achieve a remarkable impact on the daily life of its valuable users. The app also aims to drive financial access on a worldwide scale as it is a one-stop solution to all financial matters of the user.

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