Starz Play- The Pakistani Netflix

Boosting The Pakistani Film Industry

Starz Play‘ an initiative by Cinepax to upgrade the Pakistani film industry now exists as an App. The platform provides live streaming and downloading of HD movies and short films, from both national and international forums. Critics are claiming it to be the Pakistani Netflix and even better! know why ahead.

Starz Play’s Ambitions And Impact

More than just another website for online streaming and downloading movies. Starz Play is much more. It aims to bring the new talent forward. It encourages and features the small budget, non-professional filmmakers. As far as I get to know Starz Play, unlike other platforms, it offers an opportunity to the new filmmakers. Thus, excluding budget and professionalism from the criteria of featuring and therefore providing a chance to motivate and brainstorm new ideas.

Starz Play Short Film Competition

Starz Play- The Pakistani Netflix
@Cinepax-Packages Mall, Lahore, Pakistan

I had the privilege of being invited to an event hosted by Starz Play- ‘Starz Play Short Film Competition’. It welcomed both national and international, non-professional, small budget, filmmakers to submit their entries. The platform received a total of 2000+ short film entries from around the globe. Out of which the 10 best were selected and screened at Cinepax Packages Mall, Lahore, Pakistan.

Many eminent personalities from the showbiz were invited to discuss the needs of the Pakistani Film Industry and the importance of such initiatives to it. It came out to be a wonderful event overall and shows what progressive approach the Pakistani youth have in regards to its Film Industry.

Open Platform

Although the project is just in its initial stages but the vision it holds makes it capable of extending its branches and spreading to be greater and vaster than Netflix. Its idea of providing an open platform to the young and amateur filmmakers enables us to watch several less popular stories and ideas at one place. This feature makes it stand out of the crowd.

The Subscription

The App comes with a 1-month free trial. It costs as low as Rs.300 per month. One account can be used on 5 devices. Moreover, various Pakistani networks offer incentives upon downloading this App. So hurry up and get yourself signed up for the Pakistani Netflix here! And download the App from your PlayStore here.


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