Pakistani Hacker Hacks Chhattisgarh NIT Website

After one day when Narendra Modi, Indian Prime Minister launched Digital India Week to introduce and reform the government with technology, the website was hacked by a Pakistani Cyberhacker on Thursday. Pakistani Hacker Hacks Chhattisgarh NIT Website as the reports say.

Pakistani Hacker Hacks Chhattisgarh NIT Website on Thursday

Pakistani hackers allegedly defaced the website. The homepage showed a warning generated by Pakistani Cyber attackers. It said “Hacked Pak Cyber Attackers” , further it said “Pakistan Zindabad” further more it stated:

[pull_quote_center]Nothing harmed just defaced and deleted some vulnerable files, we are Muslim hackers, we hack for cause, not for fun; contact us.[/pull_quote_center]

The website according to Indian reports was hacked on second consecutive day and all the sub-domains were hacked too. Later on, the site was retrieved by Indian Cyber minds. The files were not damaged, but homepage was defaced.

According to TOI, Pakistani hacker Faisal Afzal alerted the correspondent at 2.14 am saying — “Website security of NIT is low again. All sub-domains hacked. Despite warning, they didn’t secure the site.”

Faisal also mentioned while talking to TOI that community of more than 15 young hackers has united to form Pakistan Cyber Hackers (PCA). Faisal’s ‘handle’ or ‘Leet’ has a code ‘1337’ which is his identity in cyber space. On accessing his code, the first page displayed a list of at least 25 sites hacked in last 10 days, which included sites of India and US.

The Indian recovery cell themselves mentioned that the security of sites are not very high and sites are easily vulnerable.

Faisal also updated his Facebook status displaying a mirror link to the hacked site of NIT Raipur, saying that:

“National Institute of Technology Raipur Official Website HACKED AND ROOTED”

The report quoted cyber security expert Mohit Sahu as saying that Afzal messaged him on Facebook to tell him he had hacked the NIT website. Sahu also said that Faisal was visiting the site for previous one year but always escaped while tracking.

The hacker had not destroyed or deleted any files, said Sahu, who added that the loophole would be remedied through discussion with cyber experts.

According to dawn, Indian hackers have also taken down several Pakistani websites in the recent past.

Last year in October, hackers claiming to be Indians had defaced the website of the Lahore High Court, purportedly in response to PPP patron-in-chief Bilawal Bhutto’s statements about Kashmir, in which he was reported to have said that his party would take the entire disputed region back to Pakistan.

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