Pakistani Student Launched a Home Built Social Network Epatcher

Pakistan as a country is full of talent and young minds trying to configure new things always. If given opportunities the brilliant youth of Pakistan can do wonders. Such brilliant student of Multan has created a social media site, Epatcher, that is some how same as Facebook. Pakistani Student Launched a Home built Social Network Epatcher.

The name of this brilliant student is Hassan Javaid Bandesha who is a young web programmer and a CA student. The basic layout of the website looks like a mixture of Linkedin and Facebook. What make this platform different from other is that People can maintain their CV here. They can be later on accessed by professionals through CVs.

Pakistani Student Launched a Home Built Social Network Epatcher

The CEO of epatcher, Hassan revealed that he started developing the social media web back in 2014. In November 2016, he tested it. After great response he decided to launch it on 1st Feb 2017.

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Hassan told that his social media platform will be loved by those who want everything in one place. It means one can chit chat with friends  like in Facebook, build a professional network like linked-in and keep getting notifications of latest trends going on.

Pakistani Student Launched a Home Build Social Network Epatcher

Hassan is currently focused on creating a user base

The privacy policy of website promises not to share your personal data. Hassan also claims that his site doesn’t include personal information however ti only collects info regarding IP address and web browser.

Hassan has learned coding on his own and is successful in achieving his goals without any help or public support. He also explained that the Ads on the right side of website are just test ads however he is also working on marketing strategies to build revenue in future. Right now he is working to increase user base.

There are many youths with such amazing minds in Pakistan but Hassan made his dream successful by embarking on journey alone. He plans to transform his website to great web platform.

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