Pakistanis Celebrate India’s Defeat in World cup Semi-Final with Hilarious Memes

Cricket is in the blood of subcontinent and we Pakistanis and Indians are very much emotional when it comes to cricket matches. World Cup 2019. Pakistan couldn’t make it to the semi-finals due to the terrible performance of India against England. Many people believed that India had intentionally lost the match against England so that Pakistan couldn’t make their way to World cup Semi-Final. Well, this may or may not be the case, but Pakistani is extremely happy when India couldn’t make it to the finals.

Mujhay Kyon Nikala- Ask India After Knocking out of World cup Semi-Final

India was thrown out of the tournament by Newzealand, and the heartbroken Pakistanis are so happily celebrating is on social media through memes.

Here are some of the funny tweets by Pakistanis on Social Media:

Video of the Day:

India just ran out of batsmen to play. Will MS Dhoni rescue them?

Maybe the Indian batsmen had short term memory loss and didn’t realise they’re playing a World Cup semi-final?

Well, Karma does play its part.

New Zealand had indeed given Pakistani’s a lot to be grateful for.

Pakistani champ Babar Azam who scored big against the same team was offered to coach the Indian batting line-up.

Pakistani fans’ new hero.

Pakistan-India cricket rivalry is still very much alive.

This is very funny:


And yet again Anushka was dragged in Cricket:

Pakistan-India cricket rivalry is still very much alive.

How can we leave Uber behind:


So these were the reactions of Pakistanis on social media! Do you have some mems to share with us?

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