Pakistan’s First WhatsApp Polio Helpline- A good Initiative for Polio free Pakistan

 Our government has become digitised; it is evident from the no of reforms we have seen form last some years. We have come across plenty of apps that are launched specially for the citizens of Pakistan in order to make their lives easier. Be it app to fight harassment or app for moon sighting and this Pakistan’s First WhatsApp Polio Helpline; these are the best reforms any country can enjoy.

Government Launches Pakistan’s First WhatsApp Polio Helpline

Yesterday, PM’s focal person on Polio Babar Bin Atta announced the launch of first-ever WhatsApp helpline in Pakistan would help people with polio related queries. Through this app, people will be able to ask multiple questions regarding the polio programme and will also be able to lodge complaints. This app also facilitates people to report if their child has missed out an anti-polio campaign in any part of Pakistan. It is the best thing a mother can do while sitting in their comfort zone.

While telling about the newly launched feature, Mr Babar tweeted that:

“Another First Ever by Pakistan Polio Programme. 24/7 WhatsApp Polio Helpline. Any question? Missed children? Misconceptions? Complaints? We are at your service with just a simple WhatsApp message. 0346 – 7776546,”

After this tweet, he also requested people to send queries related to polio or this app on the WhatsApp helpline.

“Dear brothers & sisters this is a WhatsApp text helpline, since my tweet, there is a flurry of calls on the number. Please don’t call, just send your query via WhatsApp Text,”

Well-done! An outstanding initiative, soon we will be living in a country which will be free of all such kinds of diseases.

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