Password insecurity: An international issue that won’t go away!

Password insecurity: An international issue that won’t go away!

According to a survey six out of ten person continue to reuse the same few passwords over and over.
The survey results said that 54 percent of respondents had only five passwords or fewer while 44 percent changed these once a year or less. No surprise to report that the most reckless use of passwords was among users under 24 years old.

The small number of passwords seems to be driven in part by the fact most users access fewer sites, although memorization issues are a concern for more than half which underlines that few bother to use secure password vaults to ease this hassle.

This survey results confirms that consumers tend to practice poor password habits, like reusing the same log-in information across multiple sites, without even realizing that those practices are dangerous.

Past evidence suggests that password insecurity is an international issue that won’t go away
An issue not addressed by the survey is that even long and unique passwords are vulnerable if the PC on which they are entered has been compromised by key logging malware. For that reason, two-factor authentication is now probably a basic minimum for anyone with even a modest store of passwords.


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