Paypal Amazon: IHC urges to bring services in Pakistan

The Islamabad High Court sent notice to the commerce and information department of the Federal Government. This action has been taken by the IHC after the petition has filed by Hafeez Junaid, a resident from Islamabad. IHC urges to bring Paypal and Amazon services in Pakistan.  

The two-week notice has been sent to the related departments to submit their reply over the absence of high-end e-commerce services in Pakistan. Chief Justice, Athar Minallah urged to receive the response on why Pakistan’s commerce industry is failing to bring e-commerce giant companies (Amazon and Paypal) in Pakistan when its already quoted in the commerce policy.  

A person who filed petition believes that crippled policies and non-implementation are the core reasons that why top e-commerce companies don’t bother to offer their operations in Pakistan. He claimed that mega online shopping platform Amazon has restricted anyone with Pakistani IP from logging into the website. Pakistanis are unable to access world’s largest e-commerce store due to insecure payment facilities.  

Over the decades, the e-commerce industry has grown to over $4 trillion globally, but because of a disinterest at government level, Pakistan has failed to take advantage of the opportunities on offer, the plaintiff argued. 

 The petitioner argued that the 2019 e-commerce strategy was faulty and ineffective, adding that the data protection rule, which is essential to healthy e-commerce development anywhere in the world. 

Interestingly, the news came days after Prime Minister Abdul Razak Dawood’s special advisor on trade and investment announced that Pakistan is in the process of registering the country’s successful sellers with US e-commerce giant Amazon. The nation has sent out a registration list of 38 exporters, he said. 


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