Peace Agreement between Microsoft and Google Ends After Six Years

Microsoft and Google are two big goons of the present world. In this world of digital technology, both tech giants possess equal importance. Neither Microsoft can be declared superior over Google nor Google can be considered better than Microsoft. Both are super multinational companies. Unfortunately, they had problems with each other from the beginning that is why in 2015 both signed an agreement in which they agreed not to take legal actions against each other. Also, the agreement included that both companies should be looking forward to working with each other to grow at an express rate.

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Truce agreement between Microsoft and Google Ends After Six Years

They agreed to show mutual interests in quantum computing and other security programs. Because of the agreement both were able to grow their business at an exponential rate. This agreement appeared to be very beneficial for both. There have been no legit actions taken against each other by any of the companies since this agreement was signed from both ends.

Microsoft and Google

Before this agreement was signed, both companies were using tactics to harm each other on a commercial scale. This was very dangerous for the developing technology and for the layman since Microsoft and Google are the two biggest digital multinational companies. The agreement helped a lot in the settlement between Microsoft and Google.

Unfortunately, the agreement now comes to the end. This agreement ended in April 2021. And now, we can expect legal actions against the other by either of the company. If this happens, we cannot deny that it will be the downfall of the world’s technology.

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