Philips Introduces WiFi Connected Bulb Series

Now, Philips has launched WiFi Connected bulb series.

Philips is one of the prominent electronics company in the world. Its major focus is on health care and lighting. Its branches are in Thailand, Pakistan, Germany, France, India, China, Honk Kong, Greece, Italy and many more. Philips never fails to satisfy its customers. Now, Philips has launched WiFi Connected bulb series

WiFi Connected Bulb

Earlier, the Philips HUE line gains popularity and had the hot sales. Now, Philips announced to launch a spanking new series named as “WiZ Connected”. These bulbs will directly connect to WiFi. Further, the bulbs do not need a server or hub to connect through the internet. Thus, making the installation easier, and does not cost much. Its setup is effortless as contrasting it with Philip Hue. A white-only bulb from HUE line costs equal to a color A19 bulb of the WiZ category.

Will you want to get a simple HUE bulb or bulb integrated with WiFi? The decision is all yours. However, the WiZ connected bulb and HUE series are totally different from each other. Thus, requiring two different apps for their working.  HUE sensors will not be able to function properly with Wi-Fi supported bulbs, this is a mazy setup. The third-party services will help to establish an environment where both can function independently. The Philips Wi-Fi bulbs are synced with smart assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. To sum this up, these bulbs require zero effort by users.

Cost Comparison

The user choice depends on the functionalities of the bulbs. Some bulbs have more functions and some have less. Therefore, the cost depends on the qualities. Like, a WiZ connected color and White A19 bulb are available for $14.97 whereas Philips HUE White A19 bulb can be bought for $13.97. So, the WiFi Connected bulb is on the go.

Philips WiFi Connected bulbs
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Philips is working to get IoT devices a boost up. It is playing a powerful role in home automation. Let’s hope the best about this tech release.

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