Phone Call Cannot be Intercepted Without Courts’ Permission: Senator Daud Khan

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Division revealed that intercepting telephone calls is allowed and lawful. They informed the Senate Committee that this matter shouldn’t be taken seriously as it is practiced globally. Phone Call Cannot be Intercepted Without Courts’ Permission: Senator Daud Khan.

Muhammad Daud Khan Achakzai of ANP told that in other countries calls are not allowed to be intercepted without getting permission from court. In Pakistan, this is practiced without any rule and procedure. Many people are misused and blackmailed by using such foul means.

Phone Call Cannot be Intercepted Without Courts’ Permission: Senator Daud Khan

This cause was raised when ANP was discussing amendment to Pakistan Act 1666 with SCO to launch mobile phone services across Pakistan. The members of ANP showed their concerns and told that foreign companies had access to calls.

Mudassar Hussain, Member of Telecom explained that interception of calls is not violation of law as many intelligence agencies are allowed to do so.

Mudassar Explained that:

“In case of a murder, the calls of the suspects are intercepted. Moreover, agencies such as the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) can intercept calls to ensure national security.

Commenting on the opinion of the chair, director (legal) Nasir Ayyaz said even in Pakistan there was a requirement of the court permission before intercepting telephone calls.

Chair director Nasir Ayyaz said that according to Article 4 of law such activities cannot be performed without proper permission. He told many agencies are authorized to to this.

Daud Khan said:

“I believe it is a weakness of the government and parliament. The calls of almost every important personality are intercepted

Mr Daud said that interception of calls do not serve country and has very less benefits and more harm. Daud Achakzai has asked ministry to have a meeting with all stakeholder. He has asked to submit report by 31st July,2017 which states the role of SCO in Pakistan.

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