Phone with in-Screen Selfie Camera is Surfacing on Internet

In this technological world, we keep on getting different leaks, some are intentional and some are by mistake( may be). Just following the trend, yesterday Huawei has teased an upcoming Infinity-O screen. It should be mentioned here that Samsung is also planning to launch an infinity-O screen in mid-2019. Both these devices have a similarity: selfie camera incorporated into the cutout of the screen. Today we have come across a viral image of one such device, having in-screen selfie camera, in a man’s hand in a subway carriage in China.

It is nice to see the 3.5 mm headphone jack is not gone for good. Some sources claim this is the Huawei nova 4, given the new iteration of the series is usually launched in December.


By zooming the picture one can easily see the camera lens on the top left corner and a 3.5 mm headphone jack is still there..The screen is notchless, however, it is a preproduction unit, may be many things would be hidden. We would have to wait for more clear pictures in order to judge the device completely.

in-Screen Selfie Camera Device: Is it Huawei?

I think it is a Huawei device and the person who is using it would be the company’s employee: just a blank guess. Huawei has the habit of leaking their picture “accidentally”, so I believe it is just a publicity stunt

Huawei's teaser for the Infinity-O device

Huawei’s teaser for the Infinity-O device

The device above is teased by Huawei who has announced the launch of the new phone which is not only notchless but also has a circular cutout for the camera on the top lets corner. The camera cutout of Huawei Notchless Phone is surrounded by the screen in 360 degrees.

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