Photoshop for iPad Gets Key Features

Photoshop for iPad received a couple of important new features including the refine edge brush and the rotate canvas tool. The new addition will give the iPad app a serious advantage.

Photoshop for iPad Gets Key Features

Photographers can get benefits from the refine edge brush as it is the only way to select the edges of fur or hair with any accuracy. It helps you to brush around the edges you want to refine the selection of. With the addition of the Refine Edge tool, now you can easily photoshop around the objects with the tap of a finger or the Apple Pencil that is notoriously difficult to select, The interface is user friendly and you can use with touch controls, but Adobe confirms that the tool will deliver the same results as we get on the desktop version.

Refine Edge tool can further refine selections with the help of a brush with edge detection. It can also make adjustments for smoothing, feathering, and other refinements.

To use the Refine Edge, just follow these easy steps:

  • Using the Selection tool, create a rough outline of the object that you want to refine.
  • In the selection toolbox at the bottom center of the screen, tap the more menu, then choose Refine Edge.
  • Inside the Refine Edge workspace, use the sliders on the right to adjust the brush. Toggle on the smart radius option to automatically adjust the edge detection.
  • Finally, paint with the plus (+) icon selected (on the left) to add to the selection, and the minus (-) icon to subtract from the selection.

Rotate canvas is the other addition which is more useful on the iPad. It enables you to rotate the canvas you are working with by touching and turning it with the help of two fingers. Which is no doubt, a very handy for sketching without repeatedly repositioning the iPad.

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