PITB Introduced AgriSmart Flourishes Across 36 Districts of Punjab

Introduced in 2013 as a pilot project in Lahore, Faisalabad and Rajanpur, AgriSmart, within a short span has prospered across 36 districts of Punjab, with more than 2700 users.

PITB Introduced AgriSmart Flourishes Across 36 Districts of Punjab with more than 2700 Users

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PPMRP developed “AgriSmart” for effective agricultural developments. The digitization of agricultural data through PPMRP developed AgriSmart facilitates the implementation of long-term strategies to increase yields and land use maximization with an aim to help farmers and improve productivity, while the database of the reported activities shall be used to plan more effective agricultural interventions.

Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) team at PITB has trained and equipped Agricultural Officers (AOs) with app installed-Smartphones for effective implementation of AgriSmart.

PITB is the technology arm of Punjab Government to develop and implement consequential strategies and to enable the Punjab Province achieve its ICT potential. PITB is committed to effectively and efficiently provide IT services and infrastructure to the government and local and international businesses. Whereas, Punjab Public Management Reform Program(PPMRP) is a project of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

Technological advancements are on its way in Pakistan. Hope other provinces introduces such technologies as well. If this pace remains, soon our country will enter into more advanced countries list in the region. m-Education, m-Health, m-Governance are such examples where PITB is already working and has introduced many reforms to help the general public.

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