PITB Launches Yaran-e-Watan Website for Voluntary Registration of Overseas Pakistani Doctors

Pakistan Diaspora Health Initiative (PHDI), also named Yaran-e-Watan in Urdu, is a joint initiative by the Government of Pakistan and the PDH communities. This platform enables overseas Pakistani health professionals to share their experiences for health care development in Pakistan with their volunteer help. Yaran-e-Watan was launched in 2020 to step up the fight against COVID-19.

‘Yaran-e-Watan’ launched amidst hopes to fill the health workforce gap

National Information Technology Board (NITB) has announced the launch of this new website.

“Powered by National IT Board ,yaranewatan.gov.pk is enabling Pakistani health professionals to share their expertise via Webinars & training sessions, telemedicine for triage public health, and research collaborations, etc.”

The main objective of this website is to facilitate Pakistan with voluntary, two-way engagement by filling the gaps the Pakistani health system has by taking expertise of Pakistani health professionals residing outside.

While telling more about this initiative, Yaran-e-Watan website stated:

“The two-way engagement will take place in the following way: Pakistani health-related institutions will post professional volunteer opportunities on our platform and overseas health professionals registered with us will be able to apply to those opportunities. Similarly, overseas health professionals will be able to post about their availability on our platform, and Pakistani institutions registered with us will be able to connect with those health professionals,”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit Pakistan, the government has taken a number of initiatives to facilitate the citizens, and this initiative is also launched in its continuation.

Pakistan’s government since the pandemic hit has been taking a number of steps to facilitate the citizens, and this initiative was launched to realize the full potential of the diaspora community for health sector development in Pakistan. Yaran-e-Watan was launched in April 2020 to supplement the response of the Pakistani Government to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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