Pixel 3 Bug is Deleting User’s Text Messages Automatically

Many users have reported an issue regarding Pixel 3 device. The issue was witnessed after the latest security update pushed out by Google. It is not the first time that Pixel phones have got a bug in their software update. So it is just a normal thing for users who might be waiting for the company to fix the Pixel 3 Bug.

Many Pixel 3 users have reported the issue with their text messages. The revealed that after the November security update some text messages on their Pixel 3 automatically disappear. Some other people reported that they had an issue with messages app as it hung on the middle of the process. When they opened the messages again, some messages were not there.

Pixel 3 Bug is Mysteriously Deleting Messages

Another person took on to social media and told that he lost all the messages from the Pixel 3 and they didn’t reappear even after restarting the device.  Right now it’s not known whether the bug is related to messages app or it has something to do with the latest security update. If you have Pixel 3 device, it’s the peak time that you should make a backup.

In order to recover the lost messages, one should revert to the previous version of the messaging app. However this is not the final solution, let’s see when the company will respond to this Pixel 3 Bug.

Have you witnessed the same issue? Share some with us!

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