Planning for Purchases Valued over Rs50,000? Check Your CNIC in Wallet!

Don’t forget to take your CNIC with yourself while you are planning for Purchases Valued over Rs50,000. The Federal Board of Revenue has made it mandatory for all citizens to show their CNIC for purchases valued over Rs50,000 from a registered sales tax person. According to FBR, the new condition in a sales tax notification that stipulates the amendments being made to the Sales Tax Act, 1990.

Federal Board of Revenue has given leverage to the female buyers in case they don’t want to share their own CNIC or do not have an independent source of income then they can show the CNIC of her husband or father. Furthermore, the condition is not applicable for purchases valued below Rs50,000.

Don’t Forget to Take your CNIC With Yourself While Planning for Purchases Valued over Rs50,000

Provision of CNIC number does not mean that only registered person under the sales tax law can make purchases, the unregistered person can also make purchases. The purpose behind this move is to encourage the proper documentation of business-to-business transactions.

The notification states:

“FBR is fully conversant of cultural constraints and traditions of the country,” Therefore, in case of purchase of Rs. 50,000 by an ordinary consumer being a female, the CNIC of the husband or the father will be considered valid for the purposes.”

Furthermore, no action will be taken against the seller if the provided CNIC proves to be incorrect or any error found, the seller will not be held accountable or liable.

In Pakistan, ordinary small and medium-sized retailers fall outside the sales tax regime, therefore, sales by such persons will not be affected by this provision.

So, don’t forget to check your CNIC in your wallet while you are going to purchase any good valued over Rs50,000.

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