Pokémon GO Officially Launches in Pakistan

Google’s most trending and all time favourite game, Pokémon GO Officially Launches in Pakistan. Now all the Pokémon GO lovers in Pakistan can catch the Pokémon characters in their neighborhood. The game launched earlier this year and has made more than 500 Million downloads in just 3 weeks. After five months of its launch the game is now officially making its way towards Pakistan.

Pokémon GO Officially Launches in Pakistan

The game is available for Android as well as for iOS users. The augmented reality based game where players have to catch pocket monsters causes a serious battery drain problem. As players have to use Google Map to play the game. Because the game has to track your location using GPS. All these reasons causes the battery drain. But you can save your phone’s Battery Life while playing Pokemon Go Game. Here is How to Save Your Phone’s Battery While Playing Pokémon Go?

As the game was not officially launched in Pakistan, So some people find it difficult to play. As they could not see the Pokemons around them. Also they did not find it interesting. But now after its launch in Pakistan, Players can also catch the Pokemons from their nearby Pokemon store. If you are new to the game and don’t know how to play it. Here is a simple tutorial about How to play Pokemon Go on Android Devices.

Here is: How to Play Pokémon Go Game on Android?

Due to security purposes, Pakistani Government has banned Pokemon Go game in the Government offices before its launch in the Pakistan. As the games uses the GPS and tracks your location, that’s why government has banned the  game in the government  offices. But no worries, the game is banned only for higher Government officers not for all. You can play the game as you want.

The game is available on Play Store. You can download the game from here.

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