New Pokemon Quest action RPG Announced for iOS and Android Users

Do you remember the craze for Pokemon Go game? Now Nintendo, the developer of Pokemon Go,  is trying to attract new players into the Pokemon universe. For that reason, the company has introduced a new game which is Pokemon Quest action RPG (role-playing game). In the game, players control a team of cube-shaped Pokemon, Minecraft-style, in search of treasure on Tumblecube Island.


New Pokemon Quest action RPG Announced for iOS and Android Users

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The Developers of the Game says that it is easy-to-use and “a completely new way to play Pokemon.” Also, players will be able to use the items they get from expeditions to befriend more Pokemon or make their own Pokemon stronger.

To make your Pokemon more strong, you have to make sure that you cook up the right dishes for your Pokemon, team them up appropriately, and upgrade them whenever you have the chance.

Moreover, the game will allow players to build base camps. They cal also decorate the camps with in-game bonuses. The combat is done by repeatedly tapping the screen, so there’s that.

Pokemon Quest will be available for free on Android and iOS later this summer. However, Nintendo said the game will feature in-app purchases.

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