President Arif Alvi says smart lockdown helped curb the spread of Coronavirus

President Arif Alvi has said that smart lockdown in the country has helped in controlling Corona cases. The people of Pakistan followed Corona prevention SOPs. Pakistan is a major exporter of rice. Domestically produced garments can increase the country’s foreign exchange.

In a video link address to the Virtual International Rawal Expo organized by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), President Arif Alvi said that, “We have to move away from the traditional method and move towards value addition. From raw materials to branded fashion, you can make a profit”.

Exports can be increased through product value addition and Pakistan has the potential to increase its GDP by $36 billion, he added.

He said, Pakistan is a lucky country where the situation has not worsened due to Covid-19 and by the grace of God we have less number of cases in comparison with other countries. This is an important opportunity for us to be ready and take advantage of the situation. The Rawalpindi Chamber deserves congratulations and is working along these lines.

The government will ensure that business is smooth and barriers to bureaucracy are removed. The government will ensure that business is smooth and barriers related to bureaucracy are removed, he said.

Earlier, Saboor Malik, President, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce, said in his remarks that this is the first expo of its kind in the history of Pakistan which is taking place on an online platform. The Corona epidemic and lockdown have affected business in Pakistan. However, the Chamber took the given difficult situation into an opportunity and with the help of IT, organized many events, training seminars, business conferences and trade forums on online platforms.

Group leader Sohail Altaf said it is a welcome news that the Corona epidemic was coming under control in Pakistan. The number of cases is also decreasing daily. He said that the unveiling ceremony of Rawal Expo by the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi was an honor and confidence building for the business community as well as a sign of the seriousness of the government. E-commerce and virtual platforms are the reality of today.

Chairman Rawal Expo Nasir Mirza said that the special thing about the virtual platform is that there is no time constraint for participating in the exhibition. The expo will be continue till August 16.

Azerbaijan Ambassador Ali Alizade said that Pakistan is an attractive country for foreign investment. Congratulating the Rawalpindi Chamber, he said that this is the first time that any chamber has organized a Virtual Expo in Pakistan.

In addition to the display of defense equipment by DEPO, companies from various sectors including real estate, electronics, jewelery, pharma, garments, engineering, machinery, food will be able to display their products at the virtual exhibition.

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