President Insists Pakistani Youth to Fully Exploit the Booming IT Market

Information technology is the epitome of the modern era and the countries that want success must embrace it with the full notion. In this regard, the President of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi advised the youngsters to fully exploit the IT-related world market that may assist in the overall development and prosperity of the country. The premier advised the youngsters while addressing an international webinar organized by the Joint Cultural Society for Communities Collaboration.

International webinar on ‘current entrepreneurship aspects in digital world’

The webinar was organized to discuss the visions and trends in the digital world along with the role of youngsters regarding the latest changes in artificial intelligence. Individuals from around the world participated in the webinar.

While addressing the webinar, the President said,

There are billions of opportunities for developing smart apps. Pakistan is at the jumping board. Pakistan is now changing. The world is the market for IT [information technology] gadgets. Furthermore, Youth can avail the existing and innovative opportunities in the realm of information and technology and access the ever-expanding global IT market, possessing huge prospects for progress and prosperity.

President also mentioned that colossal and quantum changes were taking place in the information and technological field throughout the world which can also provide a boom to Pakistan’s economy. So the youth must have a close eye on the rapidly transforming IT sector so that they can benefit themselves and their country respectively.

Four Major Revolutions:

Furthermore, the president also pointed out that mega revolutions were taking place in four major areas. These include,

  1. computing, processing of data, and analysis of the artificial intelligence;
  2. The energy sector.
  3. Biology.
  4. 3D manufacturing, including virtual reality, blockchain, internet data, etc.

“Through the Digi skills initiative, about 1.6 million people have moved to the next stage out of a total 2.4m who had applied for it,” the President added.

Apart from that, President also told that the Higher Education Commission was also providing free courses in this regard. The premier urged the people to learn to develop software and smart apps as all sorts of businesses were also in search of investing in startups and smart apps developers.

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