Price of $1150 Huawei P30 Pro Falls Dramatically to $130?

Yes, its quite shocking, but Huawei P30 Pro Price crashes down badly.  This is how US media is trying to bring down Huawei as it is reported over the internet and word of mouth from some weeks now. The cold war between Huawei and the US has remained active form last some years and the US had been telling as well to stop using Huawei equipment as per security issues. However, this cold war became so serious for Huawei that President Donald Trump ordered all the US firms to stop any kind of trading with the Chinese tech giant. As a result, Google stepped back initially. Though this was an utter shock for the company or might be it was possible for worst, according to it, but this war turned out to be national war and many other companies including JEDEC, WiFi Alliance, SD association and ARM waved goodbye to Huawei.

Huawei P30 Pro Price Crashes Down?

The company remained confident and kept on telling its users that is working on its own operating system so it will not need Android anymore. Even for building its own play store and said they are least affected by Huawei US Ban. However, in actual Huawei has witnessed a major set back due to this overall situation but this may not be as bad as it is reported by US media. It has reported that the Price of flagship Huawei P30 Pro is crashing down abruptly which remains untrue for most markets.

When Huawei P30 Pro was launched, all the reviewers had said that this device will take over the overall smartphone industry due to its perfect design, camera, storage, and color range. It was said to be the best flagship phone of the year 2019. The US media taking a lead reported that a UK smartphone trading site, musicMagpie, Huawei P30 Pro, slightly used but in extremely good condition is selling in less than $130, losing 90% of its value. However, this is just one mobile and that also could be part of a well-coordinated media campaign to malign Huawei reputation.

Huawei P30 Pro Price

For Huawei P30 Pro, IDC had reported that:

“the only highlight from a vendor perspective was Huawei, which made a strong statement by growing volume and share despite market headwinds… Huawei moved its way into a clear number two spot as the only smartphone vendor at the top of the market… Impressively, the company had year-over-year growth of 50%… Huawei is now within striking distance of Samsung at the top of the global market.”

Well with the trade war situation and tech media now playing a  defining role, only time will tell will the Chinese tech giant Huawei be able to cope with the challenges as it has done in the past.

Source: Forbes

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  • Just because a third grade website needs Huawei p30 pro in cheap rates, that doesn’t mean it’s actually selling for 130$. If market is really going down then why they are only buying it for 130$ and not selling it for 130$..

  • It might be a replica site which shows that much price drop, the talks are underway, no doubt it has affected huawei’s goodwill in those particular regions but not all across the globe..

  • Huawei and samsung prices were same . although huawei were down .but now they are same as price thats y usa banned them..huawei should not increase the price

  • I can’t imagine the US will win this cold war. The Chinese are doing a great work In science and technology. They will cope up with the situation. Huawei will remain a good brand in the market. Its a false claim about its price.

  • It’s just a rumors.
    The price will not ever be ever drop that much. Even if this become useless, It’s not.
    It’s just US media showing to the world that what US did to HUAWEI.
    It’s just a pressure.
    You don’t know Chinese.
    Ren is holding his bear.

  • What a fucking fake news you are spreading at least be neutral…… This kinda article shows ur bending

  • I am suggest Huawei is a good mobile company some problem it’s time don’t worry Huawei time is always your I wish you best ever best ever good luck.

  • Huawei is best company and America feel jealous now think if America feel jealous samsung or other companies what???????????

  • America has this last card which he has played for China …. But they can’t win them in that because Huawei is making is own play store now …that’s the big news…

  • Why is the title so misleading? Can’t you guys for once stop clickbaiting the crap out of people?

  • Agree, it’s not fair. Huawei is the best in all the fields. My full support and love for Huawei, unconditionally.

  • I have been using P30 pro since it was launched. I also used samsung flagship Galaxy note 9 having a unsatisfying camera but P30 pro just makes every shot its best shot. I couldnt even use properly Galaxy Note 9 regarding its camera. So P30 Pro is the best

  • They are just trying to malign Huawei reputation, even on these websites the users are selling their phones at low prices but not to this extent.

  • America chotya h bila wjhy usny china sy panga lia h agr america ko asa lgta h k huawei unka data save kr rhi h to kya wo makkhiya mar rhy thy bhty hua ya pchwary m khuja rhy thy saaly chotya kahi k huawei ki tarakki sy jal k usny yh qadam uthaya or google waly pashtaegy k usny huawei ko good bye kha huawei apna software bna lyga bht jald or google phr schta he rhyga yh usny kya kia khair jo hota h achy k liye hota h america ki asliyt agae samny darasal usky andar kharish h jung ki jo bht jald mit jaegi china usko nishan e ibrat bna dyga mt bhool saly download trump china tjhy download kr k asa thokyga na sari zndgi tu bs hath he masalta rhyga apny pchwary sy trump ak num ka chotya admi h pta nh kis bhosri waly n isko seat p bthaya h isko to washrom dhulany k liye b koi na rkhy bhikari ka bcha choor ?

  • I too love huawei , and shall support it , whether it bring an os of its own or stays wid google. Actually when you do something wrong you expect the same from other. Usa was spying on us for years through its technology now its thinks huawei is a tech giant and they are doing the same.

  • This is not fair. I am camera lover and if you can check DxOMARK, P30 Pro is on the top. No one can beat it. Huawei is producing best quality of devices with affordable prices. I support Huawei.

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