Privileges of being a Vaccinated User on different Apps

To encourage and promote the Vaccination Process of COVID 19, many companies are giving exclusive priviliges to the vaccinated users. Some companies are offering free giveaways to the vaccinated individuals and those offers have extended to dating apps. Nine of the biggest dating sites in the US have joined hands with The White House to motivate and raise the spirits many people to get vaccinated. The sites are adding a badge or sticker for the users that tell the targeted audience that the individual is vaccinated. Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble and Plenty of Fish and many more, are all being part of this strategy. These apps are also offering exclusive privileges like boosts and super swipes, which users usually need to buy on a pay-per-use basis.

Privileges of being a Vaccinated User on different Apps

The dating app says vaxxed users or those users who plan to get vaccinated will be having 14% more matches than others, thus increasing their probability of finding a match. So, being vaxxed up lands you a better chance in getting noticed as compared to your unvaccinated users. The Biden administration with Uber and Lyft jointly offer free and discounted rides to vaccination sites. By 4th of July, The White House aims to vaccinate at least 70 percent of US adults or at least have had one dose of the vaccine.

It is yet to be seen that such strategies and tactics are fruitful or not but one can never ignore the fact that the free giveaways and special privileges and perks always convince more easily than the actual facts and logic. Our telecom and cellular network providers can also team up and give certain Top-ups, free talk time, free data etc for the Vaxxed, it will surely help and support the government in their effort to overcome the currentĀ Pandemic situation. Similarly, Uber and Careem can offer free rides the vaccination centers and some discount if the rider isĀ Vaxxed.

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