PS5 available for pre-order, Finally !

Let’s be honest: it has been anything but convenient to attempt to preorder a PS5. That said, if you’d like to try to grab Sony’s next-gen console ahead of its 12th November launch, tomorrow at GameStop you’ll have another chance at getting hands on one. Both PS5 models would be on the GameStop website in stock, but the store is yet to announce what time it will launch online preorders. 

This year, the Sony Playstation 5 was already an extremely hot ticket, with pre-orders out almost instantly at every big gaming store. 

In the UK, a limited allocation of new PS5 units will be available for pre-order tomorrow morning from retailer Gamer. Game’s Twitter account told consumers earlier today that both models of the PS5 will be available tomorrow for pre-order in 

It has also been stated that tomorrow morning, US retailer GameStop will have a limited stock of PS5 for pre-orders. As you will see in the rumours, GameStop will reportedly will only have the regular version of the PS5 in stock, and this new console stock will arrive in the US within a week after the release date of November 12. 

Whatever you pick, note that having your hands on a playstation 5 right now is always very hard, no matter who you are. And don’t even worry about trying to find a 3090. RTX. 

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