PS5 & Xbox X series: Exciting news for gamers

November 2020 will be exciting for the gamers, but not going to able to play new games until 2021..

And that says, after next year, you don’t have to buy either a PS5 or a Series X. After a September blitz of next-gen headlines, that is a tough reality to face. 

Final Destiny 16. God of War: Ragnarok. Infinite Halo. There are two things these games have in common. Six, both of them are console exclusives. If you choose to play the first two, you would need a Sony PlayStation 5 — or a Microsoft Xbox Series X or S to play the latter. Two, you’re not going to be able to play all of these titles until next year at least.  

In a game of adventurism, both Microsoft and Sony spent 2020 apparently focused on who will say the least for the longest about their next generation console. The conflict ended on Sept. 9, when Microsoft confirmed the launch of the Xbox Series X for $500 on Nov. 10, along with the less powerful $300 Series S S digital-only, $300 Series S. Just over a week later, Sony followed up, announcing that on Nov. 12, the PS5 will hit store shelves and will also cost $500. At $400, the digital-only version clocks in. Yeah, and Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft. 

Microsoft and Sony have different plans for their new consoles for the first time. With a catalogue of games you simply will not be able to enjoy on the Xbox Series X, Sony is aiming to regain its PS2 popularity. In the meantime, Microsoft has its Game Pass, a Netflix-like streaming service, and Project xCloud, which allows you to play Xbox games on your computer. The Xbox is being turned into a facility. 

Although it really sounds like we’re at the verge of a concrete age of game-change, the enthusiasm surrounding the two consoles at the moment is about which philosophy would perform better. 

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