PTA Clarifies its Position Over Interruption in Amazon Web Services

Recently, the president of P@SHA, Jehan Ara in a tweet informed that the Amazon web services (AWS) are not working properly in the country. Jehan Ara is also a member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on IT and Telecom and Punjab Board of Investment and Trade.  In her first tweet, she said that Amazon web services are apparently working through the VPNs only.

PTA Clarifies its Position Over Interruption in Amazon Web Services

Following that, after a couple of hours, she tweeted again in which she pointed her finger towards the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that if it is behind this interruption of Amazon web services then the Government of Pakistan must take strong action against the PTA.

Jahan Ara tweeted,

“If this interruption in access to cloud services is caused by PTA perhaps it is time someone in government did something about it. We don’t need any more of a hit on our economy.”

In response to the tweets, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) told that it has not taken any action to block VPNs or other services related to AWS. The authority also replied via tweet. Furthermore, PTA denied any involvement in the disruption of Amazon Web Services in the country, adding that the rumors propagating on social media were not ‘credible’.


The issue adds to the climate of distrust generated by recent decisions such as the ban on PUBG and PTA’s demand that businesses and the general public must register VPNs.

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