PTA Directs Dual SIM Mobile Users to Register 2nd IMEI before 31st August 2019

DIRBS has eliminated many counterfeit and grey devices in Pakistan and has streamlined the overall process of mobile registration. After being implemented, it is observed that many dual SIM Mobile Users have registered only one SIM/IMEI slot and have not registered the other one.

Usually, smartphones nowadays have facilitated users with dual SIM configuration. However, people who are using one SIM often forget to register the other SIM slot in which SIM is not inserted. PTA has advised such people to register the other slot as well before 31st August 2019. In order to do so, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has shared some steps for people who are confused about registering the second SIM slot of their mobile.

How Dual SIM Mobile Users can Register 2nd IMEI

To register such smartphones, one can send an email at [email protected] The email should include the following details:

a)           Screenshot of the device showing all programmed IMEI
b)           Screenshot of device box showing IMEI(s)
c)           Copy of CNIC
d)           Contact details of applicants

What if you miss the deadline for registration on 2nd SIM Slot?

PTA will evaluate all the requests and will be registered. However, after the deadline, the slots will not be registered. If you have forgotten whether your device is a register or not, dial *#06# and SMS each 15 digits IMEI to 8484.

If you have any more questions regarding it, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below or visit the official website of PTA. Moreover, the deadline for the registration of 2nd SIM Slot pf mobile phone is 30th August 2019.

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