PTA Directs Social Media Platforms to Block Sacrilegious Film ‘Lady of Heaven’

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has approached social media platforms to block the trailers regarding a sacrilegious movie titled “Lady of Heaven“.

Keeping in view different reports regarding release of the movie titled “Lady of Heaven” and its sacrilegious content, PTA has directed social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. for the immediate blocking of all content related to the said movie from their platforms. So far 336 URLs containing promo of the said movie have been reported to different platforms.

PTA Directs Social Media Platforms to Block Sacrilegious Film ‘Lady of Heaven’

According to the press release, the regulator has asked social media platforms to remove said movie, which is deemed “sacrilegious” and PTA has received several reports regarding the matter.

The Lady of Heaven is about an Iraqi child, in the midst of a war-torn country, learns the importance and power of patience. After losing his mother, the child finds himself in a new home, where a loving grandmother narrates the historical story of The Lady and how her suffering as the first victim of terror spun out of control into the 21st century.

Husaain Ashmere, the executive producer, said

“There are 250 films on Jesus Christ, 120 films on Moses, 80 about the other prophets, 40 films on Buddha and nine films about Mary, there are none about the life of Lady Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad,”

Such types of movies are not preferred by the Muslim community. We as a Muslim are fully against such sacrilegious movie.

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