PTA Grants Free Trail License to Test 3G 4G services

PTA Grants Free Trail License to Test 3G 4G services

Mobile phone operators, under the regulator’s decision of granting them a free trial permission on non-commercial basis for 3G and 4G services, will test and finetune services before the spectrum auction takes place.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had announced that all mobile operators will be granted a free trial licence for 3G and 4G so that they prepare accordingly before its complete adoption.

PTA has asked the Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) to allocate the required spectrum to cellular companies so they may start offering trial 3G/4G services. The FAB now has all the necessary approvals from the cabinet division and mobile phone companies are set to launch trial such services soon.

  • It merits mentioning here that such a testing of 3G services are for trial and non-commercial basis, as operators would not offer high-speed 3G broadband services to customers.
  • Instead, they will internally test the infrastructure and equipment to get prepared for the proper launch after the auction, planned for April 2014.
  • The subscribers will be able to enjoy 3G (and possibly 4G as well) within two weeks after the licence auction in April.

When contacted, an official at PTA confirmed that mobile phone operators are being provided with limited permission by the FAB with an aim that telecoms can identify their technical challenges before rolling out the new services to the masses.

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