PTA & MoIT Introduces OpenStack Pakistan Initiative

OpenStack is a disruptive and rapidly developing, Opensource Cloud Management Solution recently introduced by PTA and MoIT.

About OpenStack:

OpenStack provides users the ability to manage large pools of compute, storage and networking for any cloud deployment, providing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a turnkey solution for enterprises to deliver solution in a an agile and flexible manner. Its implication in delivering Network Function Virtualization (NFV) capabilities as part of the next (5G) generation of telecom services makes it a future looking technology that can provide telecom operators the ability to adapt to the evolving landscape and remian competitive.

The OpenStack Pakistan initiative is meant for capacity building for Pakistan in the area of open networking (SDN, NFV, Containers, micro-services), by creating an ecosystem and community around content and trainings in the specific area of OpenStack™. As such this inititve is in line with the Vision 2025 approved by Planning Commision of Pakistan. We will use this program to generate and sustain an ecosystem of DevOps and OpenStack expertise within Pakistan as well as allow local telecom industry to build expertise to develop

These sessions will be held across Pakistan, in collaboration with PLUMgrid, where Dr. Syed Affan Ahmed is leading this effort. PLUMgrid is the leader of secure and scalable virtual network infrastructure solutions for clouds, including OpenStack-based clouds. PLUMgrid delivers industry leading software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions that enable modern data centers to connect tenants, applications and workloads efficiently across hypervisors, virtualized, container and bare metal architectures. To find out more about PLUMgrid.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) held a first of its kind OpenStack awareness session in Pakistan on last Satureday. A great initiative by PTA in collaboration with PLUMgrid to introduce OpenStack to the Pakistani audience. The aim here is to conduct multiple sessions and workshops across the country in order to educate and introduce OpenStack in Pakistan.

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