PTA Removes IKOS K7 App from Apple Store in Pakistan

In a significant regulatory move, PTA has ordered the removal of the IKOS K7 app from the Apple Store in Pakistan. This action is part of a wider crackdown on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that streamline bypassing PTA registration requirements. In this blog, I’ll jot down the implications of this decision, particularly for users of unregistered phones, and discuss the broader context of BLE devices like IKOS K7 in Pakistan.

What is IKOS K7 and Why Is It Controversial?

IKOS K7 is a premium BLE DSDS (Dual SIM Dual Standby) device, It allows users to transmit SIM signals to non-PTA registered phones through Bluetooth. Utilizing its own IMEIs, the IKOS K7 provides a way to operate SIM cards on phones that haven’t been registered with the PTA. This device, priced at around Rs 25,000, has become a famous and affordable alternative to mandatory PTA registration.

BLE devices, including the IKOS K7, K6, and others, present a loophole in the PTA’s stringent mobile phone registration system. By using these non-PTA devices, users can bypass the PTA’s regulatory framework. It allows mobile devices in Pakistan to bypass local standards and security protocols. The ease of availability of these devices, both online and in physical stores, has boosted significant concerns among regulatory authorities.

Impact of the IKOS K7 App Removal

The removal of the IKOS K7 app from the Apple Store is a significant development for users of this device:

  1. Functionality Loss: Without the app, the IKOS K7 device becomes effectively useless. Users will not be able to configure or operate the device. It will ultimately render their investment of Rs 25,000 futile.
  2. Advisory for Users: If you own a non-PTA registered phone, it is advisable not to purchase the IKOS K7 device at this time. However, those who already own the device should avoid deleting the app from their phone, as it cannot be re-downloaded.
  3. Future Crackdowns: This step is likely the beginning of a broader crackdown on BLE devices by the PTA. Users should stay informed about further regulatory actions that might affect the availability and functionality of these devices.

Availability and Market Impact

Despite its controversial nature, IKOS K7 remains widely available in Pakistan. The availability of these devices online and in physical stores highlights the challenges that regulatory authorities face in restraining their use. However, the recent removal of the IKOS K7 app from the Apple Store implies that steps are being taken to address this issue.

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