PTA Reviews Progress of Internet of Things (IoT)

On-site visits and data collection to guide future licensing

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is taking a closer look at the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape in the country. They’ve launched a performance survey to assess the progress and impact of 19 IoT licenses issued since May 2022.

This survey aims to achieve several goals. Firstly, the PTA wants to scrutinize the development of networks established under these licenses. This means examining how well these networks are built and functioning. Secondly, they’ll assess the operational effectiveness of these networks, which basically means how well they’re actually performing in real-world use.

But the survey goes beyond just technical aspects. The PTA also wants to understand if there’s a demand for more IoT licenses. In simpler terms, are there enough businesses and organizations interested in using these technologies to justify issuing more licenses?

On-Site Visits and Data Collection: Making Informed Decisions

To gather this information, the PTA won’t just rely on reports. They’re planning on-site visits to locations where these IoT technologies are being used. This will allow them to observe firsthand how licensees are operating and how their networks are performing. Additionally, they’ll collect data to support their analysis.

Driving Innovation and Growth: The Importance of Effective IoT

There’s a bigger picture behind this survey. The PTA hopes that by evaluating current implementations, they can ensure that IoT technologies are being effectively integrated across various industries in Pakistan. This aligns with their Rolling Spectrum Strategy, which aims to promote advanced technologies and automation to boost economic growth and innovation.

The issuance of 19 LPWAN licenses since May 2022 represents a significant step towards expanding the use of IoT in Pakistan. LPWAN stands for Low-Power Wide-Area Network, a technology specifically designed for connecting devices that transmit small amounts of data over long distances. These licenses are part of a broader effort to encourage the use of such unlicensed or shared frequency bands for IoT services.

By conducting this survey, the PTA is taking a proactive approach to ensure that IoT technologies play a meaningful role in Pakistan’s technological development.

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