PTA Revokes Wi-Tribe’s License Due to Non-Compliance with Terms & Conditions

Wi-Tribe is an internet service provider (ISP) that was operating in major cities of Pakistan and provided advanced LTE services. However, the ISP failed to comply with the terms and conditions of license regarding the provision of uninterrupted licensed services to its wide range of customers. Consequently, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has revoked the Wi-Tribe Pakistan Ltd. license.

PTA Revokes Wi-Tribe’s License Due to Non-Compliance with Terms & Conditions

Furthermore, PTA has issued orders to all cellular mobile licensees, Long Distance & International, Local Loop (WLL & FLL), and CVAS licensees to revoke telecommunication facilities provided to Wi-Tribe under the licenses, and file a compliance report within three working days after the order was issued.

The PTA panel which was chaired by Chairman Maj. Gen. Amir Azeem Bajwa (R) listened to a show-cause notice issued to Wi-Tribe Pakistan Ltd. Afterward, the premier decided to terminate the services of Wi-Tribe with immediate effect.

The verdict was made in line with the license condition that the licensee will not stop rendering licensed services or a category of licensed services unless

a) the licensee provides the PTA and the affected customers with written notice of such discontinuation at least 3 months in advance.

b) the PTA’s former written approval to such discontinuation is received.

The letters from the licensee issued on 14th July 2020, 21st July 2020, and 22nd July 2020 indicate that it has been noticed that as a result of a commercial conflict between the licensee and EDOTCO Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited (Telecom Tower license holder), the telecom services were abandoned. This disruption of telecommunication services had affected the users without any default on their part.

Obligations of Terms & Conditions of the License: 

The license terms and conditions make it obligatory for the standard contract service to accommodate refunds or other rebates for any sort of service problem faced by the ISP. Consequently, the discontinuation of telecom services to customers without any default on their part pushed PTA to revoke the license of this internet service provider.

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