PTA to Review Mobile Licensing – Invites EOI for Consultants

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to review the existing licensing regime and prepare new licensing framework including license renewals and preparation of a framework for test and development licenses.

Official sources revealed that the strategic vision of PTA is to create a fair regulatory regime to promote investment, encourage competition, protect consumer interest and ensure high-quality Information & Communication Technology (ICT) services.

In order to continue the growth momentum in the telecom sector, to provide policy consistency and necessary regulatory changes, and building investor confidence, the government initiated the process for the review of telecom policy in 2014. After due deliberation with all the relevant stakeholders, Government of Pakistan issued the Telecommunication Policy 2015(“TP 2015”), which provides a comprehensive framework and roadmap for the regulatory and policy environment for Pakistan’s telecom sector.

PTA Seeks A Professional Consultant to Review & Prepare Them A New Licensing Framework

PTA has decided to seek services of an independent consultant/ consulting firm, for providing professional services to

  1. Review of the existing licensing regime and prepare new Licensing Framework including license renewals as specified in clause 5.2, 5.5, 14 and 16.4.3 of the TP 2015
  2. Preparation of a framework for test and development licenses as specified in clause 8.14 of the TP 2015
  3. Preparation of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) framework as provided in clause 9.11.1 of the TP 2015.

PTA has invited Request for Proposal (RFP). Proven expertise in technical, legal, financial and regulatory matters related to telecommunications regulation are required with proven success in licensing of telecommunication services including fixed, mobile, satellite and Over-The-Top (OTT) services, spectrum analysis/assignments/re-farming, VoIP, Wi-Fi metropolitan area networks, in-depth knowledge of worldwide Licensing Frameworks, license renewal including renewal prices and overall technology evolution path.

Scope of Work (SoW):

The scope of the work shall include the following list of tasks:


Thoroughly conduct evaluation/ assessment of existing Licensing Framework, Develop a Licensing Framework for future including License Renewal keeping in view the following: i. Section 20 of the Telecom Act, and in particular, which over-the-top services should be licensed under a “general authorization” in which a service provider is deemed to hold a license by virtue of the services that it provides and is then subject to the terms of that general authorization, which may include national security requirements;

  • Whether there should be a separation of spectrum and operations licensing;
  • The requirements for licensing of satellite services as specified in Clause 14 on “Satellite Telecommunications” of TP 2015;
  • The requirements for deployment of  public Wi-Fi metropolitan area networks;
  • The requirement for spectrum related authorization for non-public telecommunications use such as amateur radio, maritime and aviation uses;
  • Whether distinctions should be maintained between different license types, and if not, the implications of removing such
  • distinctions including the rights and obligations of existing licensees that would need to be transitioned;
  • The method of authorization of those organizations that hold a broadcasting license to offer telecommunications services to ensure equivalent treatment of alternative infrastructure providers;
  • The authorization of telecommunications licensees for the provision of broadcast media and/ or distribution service, including the necessity of doing so given the evolving nature of TV.


To prepare a Test and Development license framework that should include criteria for the provision of licenses, license conditions, the duration of the licenses, the terms and conditions of reissuing the licenses on expiry.


To prepare a framework for MVNO as provided in accordance with policy guidelines on mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators considering the best international practices.


To prepare Information Memorandum and License Templates for revised Licensing Framework including license renewals, Test and Development License Framework and MVNO License Framework approved by the PTA.

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