PTA & TikTok Agree to Devise a Mechanism to Regulate the Content on Platform

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has agreed to devise a mechanism with TikTok to assure that all content uploaded on the video-sharing platform is lawful and harmless for society. Previously, TikTok was banned in the country, on the orders of different courts, for uploading obscene content which is not acceptable in indigenous Pakistani society.

PTA & TikTok Agree to Devise a Mechanism to Regulate the Content on Platform

In this context, TikTok Head of Public Policy Helena Lersch held a meeting with the chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) retired Maj Gen Amir Azeem Bajwa at the PTA headquarters to discuss the matters.

The platform has asked for a long-term meaningful relationship with the regulator in case of content moderation in line with societal norms and ethics. Ms. Lersch highlighted steps taken by TikTok for assuring the provision of safe, productive, informative, and legitimate content to domestic users.

In addition to that, PTA was informed that TikTok was the world’s best short-form video platform and it followed the most strict community guidelines. About 81.5 million videos were deleted globally during the quarter of April to June.

It included the removal of 9.85 million videos that were uploaded by Pakistani users, which is also the second-highest in terms of numbers around the globe. Furthermore, the TikTok team gave a copy of its Global Community Guidelines Enforcement Report for the quarter of April – June 2021.

The automated mechanism devised by the platform to detect, block and remove inauthentic accounts, obscene content and engagement had assisted in improving speed and response to the evolving threats. In response, the PTA chairman appreciated the efforts of the platform and ensured the team that engagement with it will continue.

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